Session Week 7: Local Audits & Education Requirements

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Session Week 7: Local Audits & Education Requirements


As week seven of Florida’s Legislative Session comes to a close, the FICPA Governmental Affairs team continues to follow two bills affecting local government reporting standards and education requirements for Florida high schoolers.

FICPA Testifies Against Local Government Audit Provisions

House Bill 1019 was amended to exclude a provision that would have required statutorily-mandated audits of local governments to be completed within 6 months of the end of the fiscal year. The FICPA previously provided testimony against the bill and advocated for the language to be excluded.

House and Senate Split on Financial Literacy Requirements

House Bill 323 originally proposed making financial literacy education a graduation requirement for high schoolers. The House amended the bill to make the course an optional elective; however, the Senate version continues to propose it as a requirement.


Justin Thames
Director of Governmental Affairs


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