Session Week 6: Tragedy in Broward County & Session

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Session Week 6: Tragedy in Broward County & Session


The FICPA Governmental Affairs Team extends our sympathies to all of those affected by the tragic events in Broward County. While words fail to fully convey our shock and sadness, please know that the FICPA is here to support our members through this time in any way we can.

Week Six Legislative Update

On Tuesday, Democrat Margaret Good won the special election for House of Representatives in District 72 (Sarasota County). Good’s victory adds another blue seat to the Legislature as the Session enters its second half.

Meanwhile, the House moved forward with a $350 million tax reduction package that would establish new tax holidays and reduce the commercial lease tax, among many others.

FICPA’s 2018 Legislative & Regulatory Policies

As part of the FICPA’s service to its members, the Committee on State Legislative Policy develops its Legislative and Regulatory Policies every year. These policies are developed and reviewed as part of a collaborative effort with FICPA subject matter experts to establish our priorities for the fiscal year, achieve favorable legislative outcomes, and advance our profession.

The 2018 Legislative & Regulatory Policies are available here.

Stay tuned as our Government Affairs team brings you additional updates throughout the rest of the 2018 Legislative Session.


Justin Thames
Director of Governmental Affairs


This November, voters will head to the ballot box to take part in the 2018 midterm elections – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With the entire Cabinet, half of the State Senate, and the entire House of Representatives on this year’s ballot, the state’s fiscal and regulatory landscape could change dramatically by this time next year.

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